About Andrea

Me and the girls!

Welcome to andreaarlington.com, a blog about navigating life and taking care of the mind, body and spirit, even during the most challenging times.  She is the mom of Gabrielle and Alexis Neiers. They are the family from, “E! Entertainments”, 2010 Reality show, “Pretty Wild”. Their sizzle reel originally titled, “Homeschooled with the Arlington’s”, was picked up by E!, after Executive Producer Chelsea Handler signed on to produce the show in August, 2009.

“Homeschooled with the Arlington’s”, storyline was the story of Alexis Neiers and Tess Taylor learning the ins and outs of the fashion and entertainment industries while being coached from their mom Andrea, who after a 20-year hiatus had recently re-entered them herself. Andrea a former International Model with the Elite Agency, Playboy Playmate, Make-up Artist and Fashion Stylist, became a Minister and Holistic Healthcare Practitioner in early 2000.

When her daughters informed her that they had been approached about doing a reality show she told them she had no interest, that she wanted to be taken seriously in the entertainment industry.  The conversation then led to the fact that the girls had told the producers that she was an Ordained Minister and Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, that she lived her life practicing the Law of Attraction, meditating, using vision boards, writing affirmations, had formerly done Playboy and was unconventional in her parenting style!  The girls convinced her to meet with the producers and she came to believe that she could potentially begin to accomplish what she had intended to begining back in her 20′s, to use, television to teach and inspire compassion, unconditional love and to serve a greater purpose through a reality TV show.  Little did she know the journey would take them through national television coverage her my daughter’ s challenges and their unfortunate loss of direction and intention to use their show for a greater purpose.

The original storyline portrayed Andrea being the mother of two biological daughters Alexis and Gabrielle and, Tess who was unofficially adopted by us as a family when she was 18. It was to be full of wisdom and humor combined with authentic real challenges as mom tried to manage these two teens and her younger daughter Gabrielle who was 15-years old and home schooled throughout high school just as her sister Alexis was. The show went from a fun and uplifting story line to the title, ”Pretty Wild”, when much to her family’s surprise, on the second day of filming an LAPD Swat team showed up at their house and arrested her daughter Alexis. The story of Alexis Neiers arrest and the “Bling Ring” became National Headline News in October of 2009.

Andrea was led into her ministry back in the early 90’s after years of facing issues that many people do, including addiction, depression, sexual abuse, infidelity, divorce, bankruptcy, single parenthood, working with step parents and more.  She graduated from a five-year program in 2000 and then went on to become a certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.  Completing over 2000 hours of certifications in modalities to treat Mind, Body and Spirit her certifications and studies include, Nuero-linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Energy Healing, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Transcendental Meditation, Kinesiology, Accupressure, Meridian Therapy and Healing Touch.

Most recently she sought and found guidance through self-study in the fields of neuroscience and orthomolecular medicine as they apply to addiction, mental, emotional and physical health. Throughout her years of study  and practice she led women’s groups, workshops, youth church, seminars and provided one on one coaching. Integrating three decades of research in ancient spiritual and healing principles and life enhancing technologies, along with her personal experiences she offers information and tools to help others navigate life through times of darkness and struggle.  In her website, Andrea shares her experience, personal insights, strength and faith with honesty and humor.

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